Dr. Mercola’s website has an annual Vaccine Awareness Week from November 8-15.

The article below is a thoughtful discussion of how parents’ rights to make decisions about their children’s vaccinations is coming under increasing attack in the USA:


The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine supports parents’ rights to make a free and informed decision about their children’s vaccinations. Every issue includes at least one article on the vaccination issue.  (You can download free samples of all our issues and/or purchase subscriptions, printed magazines or PDF versions of our magazines at our online store at this link.)

NZ readers who would like to visit NZ-based websites that support freedom of choice regarding vaccines may find the websites http://wavesnz.org.nz/ and www.noforcedvaccines.org to be of interest.

Australian readers who would like to keep up with the news about vaccination in Australia may like to visit these websites:








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