HPV vaccination documentary screenings and Q&A

Website editor’s note: The text below has been sourced from a recent newsletter from the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network which supports parental choice regarding vaccination. The organisation is organising screenings of the award winning documentary Sacrificial Virgins about HPV vaccination.   HPV vaccination documentary screenings and Q&As Are you worried about the safety of HPV... Read More | Share it now!

New safe sleeping campaign aims to reduce stillbirth

Website editor’s note:  The information below is a press release for a new campaign in New Zealand to encourage pregnant mothers to sleep on their side (not their back) from 28 weeks onwards during their pregnancy.  Sleeping and resting on one side (rather than lying on the back) ensures that the blood flow to the developing baby is optimised and reduces the risk of stillbirth.   Please share this link... Read More | Share it now!

2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference 30 June 2018

Website editor’s note: The text below is a press release about the upcoming 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference.   2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference The 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference (SVC 2018) will be held on Saturday June 30th. The conference will focus on Australia’s current censorship of the vaccination issue. Australia’s top independent vaccine experts will be speaking. The 4 hour... Read More | Share it now!

Dr. Martin Blank, RIP

Website editor’s note:  Dr. Martin Blank, PhD, one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of electromagnetic radiation and health died at the age of 85 years on June 13, 2018.  According to his son Ari he died peacefully in his sleep. His official obituary is below. A video that Dr, Blank made as part of the 2015 appeal by an international group of scientists to the UN features on this... Read More | Share it now!

Do you know what’s in vaccine?

                                The above image of billboard, in Perth, Western Australia, which asked the questions “What’s in a vaccine?” was removed on 21 June 2018 one week into a four week contract. The billboard includes the website link to the site https://www.learntherisk.org/ This site... Read More | Share it now!

A tribute to Erwin Alber, RIP

  The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine very sadly acknowledges the passing of our dear friend Erwin Alber. Born in Switzerland, Erwin lived in New Zealand for many years during which time he was first a member of the Immunisation Awareness Society (now known as Warnings About Vaccines Expectations or WAVESnz). He later started VINE (Vaccine Information Network) which has a Facebook page and... Read More | Share it now!

FREE information about how to ensure your home is a healthier home

Website editor’s note:  The information below is from a recent newsletter from The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation which is dedicated to promoting the work of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, whose life saving protocols include personalised  nutrition, supplementation and detoxification..  More inforrmation on our website about Dr. Gonzalez’s work may be found below.   A healthier home can mean a healthier... Read More | Share it now!

Hikoi against 1080

Website editor’s note:  1080 (Sodium Fluoroacetate) is a poison that is incorporated into pellets and may be legally spread via aerial drops around many areas of New Zealand to kill introduced animals such as possums which are considered to be pests.Unfortunately, 1080 is an indiscriminate poison which often kills non target creatures including endangered native birds, dogs and farm animals.  Video footage... Read More | Share it now!

From Hokianga to Wellington: Woman beating Cancer to present at the Beehive.

Website editor’s note:  Please read on below for the inspiring story of a woman who refused to let a bad prognosis cancer be a death sentence and has made a film about her return to health using natural medicine, including Rongoa Maori, To learn more (including dates and venues for film screenings)  please see this Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/TheFourSides/ From Hokianga to Wellington: Woman... Read More | Share it now!

Mental Health and Addiction Consultation

Website editor’s note:  The NZ government is currently holding an inquiry into addiction and mental health in New Zealand.  The information below has been taken from the relevant website page.  If you would like to contribute to this inquiry, the closing date is Tuesday June 5 at 5 PM.   The Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction was established by the New Zealand Government in response... Read More | Share it now!

Reiki NZ conference coming up in August 2018

Website editor’s note: The message below is from Reiki NZ which is holding its 2018 conference in August and invites everyone who is interested in this healing technique to attend and learn more:   An invitation to attend Reiki NZ’s 2018 conference On behalf of Reiki NZ we would like to warmly invite you to our upcoming Reiki Conference to be held 11th – 12th August this year at the Sorrento... Read More | Share it now!

Do you still think that cell phones are safe?

The current issue of The Nation features an important article titled “How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation: The disinformation campaign—and massive radiation increase—behind the 5G rollout”: https://www.thenation.com/article/how-big-wireless-made-us-think-that-cell-phones-are-safe-a-special-investigation/ The authors of this article are Mark Hertzgaard... Read More | Share it now!

Advice of change of venue for International Holistic Cancer Symposium

There has been a change of venue for the International Holistic Cancer Symposium which is coming up in Auckland on March 24-25. The venue is now the Quality Hotel, 20 Gladstone Rd, Parnell, Auckland. (Please note that this is a different location from the one initially advised on this website and on posters and the advertisement in issue 29.) The editors of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, Jonathan Eisen and... Read More | Share it now!

Call for submissions on medicinal cannabis use

In New Zealand, the possession and use of strains of cannabis that contain the constituent THC (which has psychoactive and pain relieving properties) is currently prohibited the Misuse of Drugs Act. Submission are currently being called on a proposed amendment to this bill to make it legal for people who are terminally ill to possess cannabis and associated utensils for its use (for example a pipe or... Read More | Share it now!

Documentary Sacrificial Virgins Wins Australian “Best of Festival” Award

Website editor’s note: The following text is a press release from SaneVax an organisation that provides information about HPV vaccines and support for families where there are sons or daughters who have been injured by HPV vaccines. Sacrificial Virgins is on YouTube as a trilogy at http://bit.ly/SV-playlist .   March 4, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     VACCINE DOCUMENTARY SERIES SACRIFICIAL... Read More | Share it now!

Please help save Waiheke Island’s little blue penguins

Please help save Waiheke Island’s little blue penguins Website Editor’s Note:  The article below is a bit of a departure from the usual human health related articles on this website  but friends on Waiheke Island who have been working very hard on behalf of their community and Waiheke’s precious blue penguins have alerted me to this issue. Also, as you can read below, what happens on Waiheke Island will... Read More | Share it now!

Deadline for submissions on assisted suicide bill extended

Just a note that if you were planning to write a submission on the assisted suicide bill but have not yet had time, you now have a a bit more time as the closing date for submissions has been extended until Tuesday 6 March 2018. To read all about the assisted suicide bill and find out why it is important that YOU (and as many other people as possible) take a few minutes to write a submission on this bi8ll, please... Read More | Share it now!

Singer Song-writer releases anti-1080 song “Poison Rain”

Singer-Songwriter Aly Cook as she releases a newly commissioned song ‘Poison Rain’. (Electronic Acoustic Adult Contemporary) The song has been “self penned” and co produced with Jay Pheye in his little Golden Bay Studio and mastered by Benny Tones. ‘Poison Rain’ is now available for pre-sale on Itunes with the official release being on Friday 9th of Feb. The song may be purchased from the links... Read More | Share it now!