Author of Playing God Benjamin Nowland learned the hard way that the current standard for electromagnetic radiation in Australia does not protect against health effects.  After purchasing an apartment Sydney that was close to cellular phone infrastructure, he became very ill with microwave radiation sickness.  (Ben relates the story of his illness in his excellent book and you can read more information about this at this link of our site and also in an article in issue 20 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine which you may buy in hard copy at this link or as a PDF at this link.)

Ben Nowland recently launched a petition to reduce the amount to microwave radiation legally allowed in Australia.  (Both Australia and NZ have some of the laxest regulations regarding microwave radiation emissions anywhere in the world.

Please consider signing and sharing this petition to support a safer environment.  Many thanks.

The text below has been contributed by Ben Nowland:

The Reduce Microwave Radiation Exposure Limits by a Factor 100 Initiative petition would bring us in line with other countries such as Russia seeking to mitigate adverse health effects on their citizens. Every voice is crucial in transforming to a healthier society. The initiative seeks to mitigate adverse health effects and is a practical first step. Playing GOD Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation talks about reducing exposure limits by a factor 100 by 2017, 1000 by 2020 and 1,000,000 by 2030. It also discusses the transmission shape of pulsed modulation (linear synthetic) radiation as contributing to adverse health effects considering we are non-linear electromagnetic beings.

“How are our energy fields being distorted? Currently in Australia instantaneous microwave spikes are allowable at 1000 times the thermal effect limits. This means a mobile phone SAR rating 2W/kg can spike to 2000W/kg. Micro-areas of our brain are “burning”.

The petition offers an achievable first step which puts regulatory bodies on notice. If we don’t put brakes on now levels will continue to escalate with another ramp up when 5G is introduced in 2020 (to overlay existing 3G and 4G). Signatures are silent and not displayed on the web unless you wish to comment.”


NB: If you are interested in the environment and health, you will no doubt find many of the articles in The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine to be of interest.

Issue 19 November 2015 – February 2016) features an interview with Professor Olle Johansson on electrohypersensitivity (EHS).  To purchase a copy or to download a free sample of an issue, please visit our online shop at this link:

Issue 20 (February – May 2016) also features information on EMR and health. 

Practical suggestion to reduce exposure to unnecessary EMR may be found at HERE


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