Information about the Natural Health and Supplementary Products bill has previously featured on this website at this link, this link, this link and this link.

The purpose of this page is to give a brief explanation of the Natural Health and Supplementary Products bill and links to further information.

The Natural Health and Supplementary Products bill is a NZ government bill that has passed its second reading and the government is currently calling for submissions on various aspects of the proposed regulatory framework.

The bill is opposed by large numbers of people who use supplementary vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements as well as herbal remedies because in its current form, it is likely to greatly reduce consumer choice, increase prices – and potentially put smaller natural health product companies out of business.

A brief history of how the bill came into being may be read on Page 4 of issue 20 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine. A free sample of articles from this issue, including Page 4 may be downloaded from this link.

If you are concerned about the bill, one thing that you can do right now is go to this link and sign the petition against the bill.

If you would also like to write to government MPs to express your opposition to the bill, there is information to help you do this at this link

If you would like to make a submission on any aspect of the bill while the consultation process is underway, there is information to help you do this at this link.

Whatever you have time to do on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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