The Australian Traditional Medicine Society is proud to present the International Natural Medicine Summit May 3 – 5 in Sydney.

Healthy Aging Naturally!

Presenting a fabulous gathering of practitioners, doctors and academics across modalities including specialised bodywork, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, allopathic medicine, university academics, and psychotherapy.

The Friday Pre-­‐Summit Workshops include: a full one-day workshop with Patch Adams on ‘Living a Life of Joy’; specialized bodywork with Joe Muscolino on ‘Palpation as an Assessment Tool for Orthopedic massage’; and ‘The Role of Nutrition & Physical Activity in the Prevention of Chronic Disease’ with Raymond Smith and Kira Sutherland.

The weekend Summit is brimming with a rich variety of keynote and breakout sessions, featuring Patch Adams, Australian Clown Doctor Peter Spitzer, Pilates specialist Simona Cipriani, chiropractor Raymond Smith, and Joe Muscolino, Airdre Grant, Alison Carroll ­‐ and Petrea King and Patch Adams on interactive Panel sessions on both days.

Plus a fabulous trade expo!

For details of the programme please visit the website

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