The film Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe  is to have its premiere in NZ in April.  This screening is planned to take place in Auckland on April 2 and tickets are now on sale via this link

A second Auckland screening has now been scheduled for East Auckland on Friday April 7th and Friday April 7th is also the date for a screening in Rotorua. .

Details for the Christchurch screening are at this link:

Details for the Rotorua screening are at this link:

A screening in Dunedin is also scheduled on April 9 and the link to buy tickets for this is:

The general EventBrite link for all NZ screenings (which has just been updated to include screenings in Christchurch East in May  is

If there is not an event already listed for your area, this link allows you to register your interest to attend a screening once one has been organised..

Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe is a documentary that focuses on how the US Centers for Disease Control covered up a vaccine-autism link. (To learn more about this film you can visit the documentary website and/or click HERE to access a free sample of articles from issue 24 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine which includes a special editorial on Vaxxed.)

There is also a special website for New Zealand and Australia you can visit below:

If you are a Facebook fan, you may like to go to this special Facebook page to learn more:

WAVESnz an organisation that supports parents’ rights to make an informed decision about vaccination is supporting Vaxxed screenings in NZ.  To learn more about WAVESnz, please click HERE to visit their website.

NB: Australian readers can learn about up-coming Vaxxed screenings through the website of Australian Vaccine-skeptics Network (AVN).  This website may be accessed by clicking HERE.



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