Has the link between vaccines and autism been discredited?

Website editor’s note: The text below is an Open Letter from Judy Wilyman, PhD, whose thesis examined the scientific basis for the Australian vaccination schedule. Dr. Wilyman has worked tirelessly to dispel myths about vaccination. Her website is http://vaccinationdecisions.net/. if you would like to support her work with a donation I am sure that this would be much appreciated. The donations page for her... Read More | Share it now!

World Mercury Project Challenge: $100,000 for any study that proves mercury in vaccines is safe

Website editor’s note: Mercury is present in some vaccines in the form of ethyl mercury from the preservative known as thimerosal. Some vaccines contain as much as 50,000 parts per billion (ppb) mercury; for comparison the  level of mercury in drinking water that is considered to be acceptable is just 2 ppb. New Zealand is lucky in that, according to vaccine datasheets, vaccines on the childhood... Read More | Share it now!

Vaxxed documentary to screen in NZ

The film Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe  is to have its premiere in NZ in April.  This screening is planned to take place in Auckland on April 2 and tickets are now on sale via this link https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/vaxxed-from-cover-up-to-catastrophe-tickets-31979487508 A second Auckland screening has now been scheduled for East Auckland on Friday April 7th and Friday April 7th is also the date for a... Read More | Share it now!

First Australian Vaxxed screening for 2017

Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Catastrophe – the documentary that tells the story of how the US Centers for Disease Control covered up a vaccine-autism l8nk had its first screenings in Australia in 2016. Now its first Australian screening for 2017 has been scheduled for Adelaide. (To keep up with other Australian Vaxxed news, including other screenings, please click here to be directed to the correct page of... Read More | Share it now!

Unreleased Bonus Episode 10 of Vaccines Revealed now FREE online!

Website editor’s note:  The text below was adapted from a special message from Patrick Gentempo from “Vaccines Revealed“, a fantastic docu-series*. This docu-series is not currently available, but if you sign up at the Vaccines Revealed website by clicking HERE you will be notified of future viewing opportunities. Update: January 26 (4 PM NZ time): There is a live Q&A about vaccines on... Read More | Share it now!

Update on legal challenge to No Jab No Pay

Website editor’s note:  The information below has been adapted from a recent newsletter from the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN) an organisation that supports parents’ rights to make informed choices about vaccination for their children without any type of coercion. The AVN has been organising screenings of the documentary Vaxxed in different cities around Australia.  More screenings of... Read More | Share it now!

FREE “Vaccines Revealed” online docu-series coming up in January

Website editor’s note: In January 2017, Patrick Gentempo and team brought us “Vaccines Revealed“, a fantastic docu-series about which you can read below. This docu-series is not currently available, but if you sign up at the Vaccines Revealed website by clicking HERE you will be notified of future viewing opportunities. ************************************ Update 24 January 2017:  There is a free BONUS... Read More | Share it now!

Vaxxed documentary screenings in Australia

Website editor’s note:  The text below is a press release from the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN), an organisation that promotes parents’ rights to make a free and informed choice about vaccination for their children. The AVN is also fundraising for a legal challenge against the No Jab No Pay legislation. For future screenings of Vaxxed in Australia, please see this link of the AVN... Read More | Share it now!

Children’s health presentations on 19th and 22nd October

Australian readers who have an interest in children’s health may wish to attend up-coming presentations by Judy Wilyman, PhD and Wendy Lydall. Judy Wilyman’s PhD thesis focused on the evidence base for Australia’s vaccination policy. Her website is http://vaccinationdecisions.net/ Wendy Lyall is the author of Raising a Vaccine Free Child. Her website is http://www.vaccinefreechild.com/ Details... Read More | Share it now!

Fruit and Nuts Unlimited! New from the Localising Food Project

Website editor’s note:  The message below comes from Robina McCurdy from the Localising Food project.  Any support that you can give to this important new documentary project would be greatly appreciated. “Fruit & Nuts Unlimited!” Coming To A Theatre Near YOU! That’s the news we’re looking forward to announcing soon and thanks to friends and colleagues like you we’re... Read More | Share it now!

Read Dr. Sin Hang Lee’s letter to the government of China regarding HPV vaccine safety

Dr. Sin Hang Lee is one of the scientists who have been investigating the safety of HPV vaccination.  You can access his letter to the government of China which is planning to introduce an HPV vaccine for Chinese girls and women aged 9 – 25 by downloading the PDF at the link below. Dr Lee recommends China postpone HPV vax 08.2016   Website editor’s note:  HPV vaccines have become controversial all... Read More | Share it now!

Fluoride debate coming on NZ TV

Website editor’s note: The fluoride debate discussed below has now been screened on TV.  If you missed it you can watch it on youtube at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa2WhKPpLf0i The following information is excerpted from a recent Fluoride Free NZ newsletter.  Fluoride Free NZ (www.fluoridefree.org.nz) has been working to educate New Zealanders about fluoride and end the unethical practice of... Read More | Share it now!

Watch Professor Paul Connett on Mainland TV

Professor Paul Connett recently visited NZ to give a series of lectures on water fluoridation.  During his visit here he was interviewed on Mainland TV.  You can see the interview below. A huge thank you to Professor Connett for traveling all the way down to NZ to help educate New Zealanders about this issue and the Mainland TV presenter for a great interview. If you would like to help remove fluoride from... Read More | Share it now!

A wired internet connection is a better internet connection

Using a wired internet connection (and turning off any wireless modems in your computer) means that you avoid exposing yourself to potentially carcinogenic microwave radiation while you are online. Wired internet connections are generally faster than wireless, too, although there are exceptions. This website has a couple of links to help you enjoy safer net-surfing. They are below for your convenience. The link... Read More | Share it now!

Man Made Epidemic has successful premiere

Man Made Epidemic, the new documentary that explores how vaccines, pesticides and electromagnetic radiation are helping to destroy the health of a growing number of children, leaving them ill and autistic recently had its premiere in London. News about the premiere is at this link: News The film can now be streamed from the film’s website: http://www.man-made-epidemic.com You can learn more about the film... Read More | Share it now!

Man Made Epidemic; new film on causes of autism to premiere in London

A new film which looks at how medications, including vaccines, pesticides and other environmental factors, including electromagnetic radiation are contributing to an epidemic of autism in young children will premiere in London on June 25. The film is called Man Made Epidemic and its website is http://man-made-epidemic.com/ You can register for updates about the film on the... Read More | Share it now!

Professor Paul Connett lectures on fluoride in NZ 2016

Website editor’s note:  The information below comes from the  website of Fluoride Free New Zealand which is working to end water fluoridation in NZ.  (In some NZ towns and cities, local councils add fluoride compounds which are waste products of industry (typically fertiliser manufacture or aluminium smelting) to municipal water supplies despite the fact that it is unethical to use drinking and bathing... Read More | Share it now!

See Professor Julia Rucklidge’s TEDx presentation on nutrients and mental health

Healthy brain function depends largely on having the right nutrients available – and if food sources of nutrients are not adequate, nutritional supplements can play a vital role in ensuring that people stay mentally, as well as physically healthy.  Please watch the TEDx presentation by Professor of Psychology Julia Rucklidge at the link below for an introduction to this important topic. Please note that... Read More | Share it now!