Nutrisearch Annual Conference June 17, 2017

The 2017  Nutrisearch Annual Conference is coming up in Auckland, New Zealand, on June 17th. This year’s event features Dr. Daniel Kalish, DC (pictured) who has developed a successful functional medicine approach  which he has taught to over 1000 practitioners so far. He is also the author of three books, “The Five Pillars to Building a Successful Practice,” “The Kalish Method: Healing the Body... Read More | Share it now!

A Great Opportunity to Learn the Truth About Cancer

The Truth About Cancer FREE online FREE event is now running. With nine unique presentations over nine days, now is the time to sign up for this series and watch the presentations while they are free.  (There will be an opportunity to purchase the series after the free viewing period if you do not have time to watch all the episodes.) The Truth About Cancer team are renowned for their high quality and thoughtful... Read More | Share it now!

If you have not seen Vaccines Revealed…it is now FREE online …Sign up now

The excellent nine-part docu-series “Vaccines Revealed” is now “evergreen”which means that if you have not yet seen it, you can watch it for  FREE…You can sign up by clicking HERE. This series includes: An AMAZING interview with environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jnr. on mercury in vaccines (yes, there is still mercury in some vaccines) which is in Episode 3 A series of riveting... Read More | Share it now!

Mother’s Day Special: FREE Female Brain Summit

Website editor’s note:  The following message comes from the producer of the Female Brain Summit – the exciting online event that empowers you with information about how to protect your brain and enhance its function…These presentations will be FREE for Mother’s Day (May 14). NB: This is a US-based event so it may begin on Monday NZ time.  Details are below. Mother’s Day ENCORE... Read More | Share it now!

Medical cannabis expert to speak in Wellington

Website editor’s note:  If you are interested in the medical uses of cannabis a lecture (with Q&A time afterwards) is coming up on Thursday, May 11th in Wellington.   For more information and to buy tickets.please go to the link below: Medical cannabis expert to speak in Wellington on May 11 One of the most knowledgeable... Read More | Share it now!

Attempt to ban homeopathy in Australia; YOUR help is needed, please

The Australian-based website has reported that an AustralianTherapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) consultation into “Low Risk Products” poses serious risks to the future of homeopathy in Australia. The TGA has been influenced by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) report on homeopathy which is the subject of a complaint to the Commonwealth Ombudsman,... Read More | Share it now!

Information evening on intravenous vitamin C and chelation therapy

Website editor’s note:  The following information has been provided by a new patients’ support group which has invited representatives of an Ayckland medical centre to give a presentation on inrtravenous vitamin C and EDTA chelation therapy. More information about EDTA chelation therapy may be found in issue 23 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine which may be purchased in print by clicking HERE or... Read More | Share it now!

NZ researcher presents e-poster on electrohypersensitivity at international public health conference

New Zealand researched Mary Redmayne PhD  recently presented an electronic poster (an e-poster) at the 2017 World Congress on Public Health in Melbourne. Dr. Redmayne’s research interests include the effects of electromagnetic radiation and health as well as how the use of wireless devices impacts on educational outcomes. To learn more about Dr. Redmayne please see this... Read More | Share it now!

NZ journalist Melanie Reid covers Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe

NZ journalist Melanie Reid has produced a mini documentary about the film Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Catastrophe which is now screening in NZ. (Screening details, including a link to information about Vaxxed in other languages may be be accessed by clicking HERE.) Melanie Reid’s piece includes interviews with vaccine proponents Dr. Nicky Turner and Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris from the Immunisation Advisory... Read More | Share it now!

Nutrition and The Autonomic Nervous System by Dr. Gonzalez is now available

Website editor’s note:  The text below is a message from The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation which has been set up to continue the healing legacy of the late, great Dr.Nicholas Gonzalez. I am currently reading Nutrition and The Autonomic Nervous System – The Scientific Foundations of The Gonzalez Protocol and can vouch for the fact that it is an excellent work that should be part of every health... Read More | Share it now!

An introduction to homeoprophylaxis

Website editor’s note: The article below discusses a form of homeopathy known as homeoprophylaxis (also spelled homoeoprophylaxis). This form of homoeopathy is intended to prevent, rather than treat, a disease.  This article briefly discusses the history of homeoprophylaxis and gives some examples of how mass homeoprophylaxis campaigns have been successfully used to reduce the risk of infectious disease. ... Read More | Share it now!

The Truth About Vaccines…coming soon…for FREE!

The good people who have produced the informative docu-series The Truth About Cancer are due to launch a new docu-series The Truth About Vaccines The Truth About Vaccines  promises to bring both sides of the vaccination issue and will begin on April 12 (it is US-based so will begin some time on April 13 in NZ) and will continue until April 19 (or April 20 in NZ). It will feature interviews with sixty experts on... Read More | Share it now!

Vinny Eastwood needs your support

Independent Auckland alternative media stalwart Vinny Eastwood has made an appeal for financial support to help him and his wife Sarah get through a rough financial patch. The couple’s usual income will dramatically drop next week as Sarah is scheduled for surgery and will not be able to work during her recovery period. Vinny Eastwood’s radio show specialises in interviews with activists on many... Read More | Share it now!

Vaccines Revealed Live Q&A

Website editor’s note:  The text below is a special message from Patrick Gentempo from the excellent docu-series Vaccines Revealed. To register to be part of this event and also get access to the docuseries FREE for a limited time, please click HERE. If you are interested in the vaccination issue, please also check out the NZ screenings of the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe at this... Read More | Share it now!

Vaxxed information in other languages

Regular readers of this website will know that the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe will have its NZ premiere in Auckland on April 2 and there are screenings being organised in other towns and cities. The general EventBrite link for other NZ screenings is The website of No Forced Vaccines has recently been updated  with information about the NZ... Read More | Share it now!

BioBalance 2017 Conference

Website editor’s note: The information below comes from a recent newslettter from the Australian organisation called BioBalance Health.  This organisation  provides training to health professionals about advances in neuroscience and how to treat “mental health” conditions such as depression (including post-partum depression), anxiety, autism, bipolar, schizophrenia, ADHD etc. with nutritional... Read More | Share it now!

Has the link between vaccines and autism been discredited?

Website editor’s note: The text below is an Open Letter from Judy Wilyman, PhD, whose thesis examined the scientific basis for the Australian vaccination schedule. Dr. Wilyman has worked tirelessly to dispel myths about vaccination. Her website is if you would like to support her work with a donation I am sure that this would be much appreciated. The donations page for her... Read More | Share it now!

World Mercury Project Challenge: $100,000 for any study that proves mercury in vaccines is safe

Website editor’s note: Mercury is present in some vaccines in the form of ethyl mercury from the preservative known as thimerosal. Some vaccines contain as much as 50,000 parts per billion (ppb) mercury; for comparison the  level of mercury in drinking water that is considered to be acceptable is just 2 ppb. New Zealand is lucky in that, according to vaccine datasheets, vaccines on the childhood... Read More | Share it now!