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With alarm over Ebola increasing in the United States and health authorities in New Zealand preparing for the possibility that cases of this infection could occur here, too, the cover story for issue 15 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine explores possible treatment options for this feared disease.

Dr Thomas Levy, MD, JD features in this issue with an article on his clinical experience with vitamin C – including remarkable cases demonstrating the efficacy of this vitamin in treating people suffering from severe infections.

Of course, many other natural substances are helpful in treating and/or preventing infections, and this issue features an article Thieves Oil – an anti-microbial blend of essential oils.

A healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines is a vital to maintaining immunity and general well-being and “Better Health on a Shoestring” for issue 15 includes a do-it-yourself recipe for sauerkraut from a great new book on fermented foods to help you enjoy this delicious condiment – and better health.

We also examine the role of polyphenols from common foods and beverages such as tea, coffee and berries in relation to maintaining good health, and how Gingko biloba offers a natural option for children with ADHD to help them concentrate and learn.

If you are interested in the latest news on anti-ageing, you will enjoy Dr Mark Sircus’s contribution which focuses on natural allopathic anti-aging medicine.

Issue 15 also discusses an important issue that has been largely ignored by mainstream media – how vital data on the MMR-Autism link was censored by US government scientists, thus preventing health professionals and parents from learning about how this vaccine may put some children at risk of developing autism.  Dr Kelly Brogan’s article on the significance of this latest vaccine scandal makes for particularly compelling reading.

Also on the vaccine front, Jon Rappoport has written an article which explores the development of contraceptive vaccines – and how vaccines that create antibodies to the pregnancy hormone hCG may have been used without women’s informed consent as part of a population control experiment.

Our book reviews in this issue include a review of Overpowered by Anne Gastinger (which explains how electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from modern technology can affect human health); while electropollution consultant Paul Waddell reviews Get Less Electro Stress which offers an intelligent and user-friendly guide to reducing EMR in your home.

Last but not least, with Christmas coming up our featured native medicinal plant is the much-loved emblem of the New Zealand summer, the magnificent Pohutukawa tree.

All good wishes for a safe and happy Christmas and healthy and prosperous 2015.


Katherine Smith, Editor


Issue 15 is due out in New Zealand in the first week of November and should be available in Australia by the first week of December.  (Australian subscribers who live in rural areas may experience a delay in the delivery of their copies.)



Use a cell phone? Please read this now!

The website has a recent post on the cell phone safety issue that is a must read for everyone with a cell phone. Here’s the introduction to the post by Kimberly Carter Gamble.


When cell phones first came out, I used to hold mine directly up to my ear for what amounted to hours a day. A few years ago, I had surgery for removal of cancer in the exact spot I held my phone. I can’t prove direct causation, but that’s when I started looking into the possible ramifications of radiation from cell phones.

After that, I started reading the small print that came with the cell phones I bought and noticed even they had warnings about the radiation. But it took some real sleuthing to find it. Take Apple, for example; the manual tells you to go to the Apple website for a detailed explanation of safety. After sorting thru looking for the right link, you open the document where it tells you to go look on your phone. To access the info on the phone, you go to Settings > General > About > Legal > RF Exposure. It’s pretty daunting, and within the info, they refer you back to their website for more info on their testing. The process is quite a run-around.

Knowing that not everyone has the time or inclination to do the research needed to figure out what’s true and what habits would help keep us all safer, the THRIVE team created this infographic for you to see and share.

Please click on the link below to find the infographic:


Please note that when it suggests a wired headset for a cell phone, the best type of wired headset is an air tube headset and when speaking from a landline, use a traditional landline with a cord, as cordless DECT phones were shown in one study to have similar cancer risks to cell phones.

NB:  While you can keep yourself safer by following the advice on the infographic, ideally cell phone use should be minimised as the more people who use cell phones, the more cell phone infrastructure is needed to support the use of the phones, and cell phone towers themselves appear to be a cancer risk.

Thermogram before and after cell phone use
















Link to post:



Hear Dr. Russell Blaylock talking about preventing breast cancer

Dr. Russell Blaylock is medical doctor and the author of many books including:

  • Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills
  • Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life
  • Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients

You can hear him talk about important strategies for preventing breast cancer at this link:


This introductory presentation is free for a short time and is suitable for public (and health professionals who have not had much training in natural medicine.)


For more information about Dr. Blaylock and his work, please see this link

The Little Town of Allopath; An Allegory

This is a great little allegory that anyone who is interested in health will enjoy…

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>





See Paul Waddell’s lecture on electropollution

Earlier this year electropollution consultant Paul Waddell from  (who is a regular contributor to The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine) gave a lecture on electropollution.  Thank you for Vinny Eastwood for filming the lecture and making its available on youtube.

The lecture is in two parts due to its length…Part Two will be added as soon as it is available.  If you are interested in electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and health but do not have good enough internet access for videos, The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine frequently covers EMR-related health issues.  Copies may be purchased from our online store at this link:

Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Course February 2015

A Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Course beginning in February 2015 is now open for bookings. The course is taught by Amy McComb who is a regular contributor to The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, writing about the medicinal properties of native New Zealand plants (Rongoa).

For more information please download the PDF at the link below or visit


Herbal Apprenticeship Plantrhythms



Food Matters Aotearoa Conference February 2015

The must-attend event of 2015…

Food Matters Aotearoa Conference

Speaking Tour, 9-20 Feb 2015 in major Cities, NZ

Conference, 14-15 Feb 2015, Te Papa, Wellington

Have you been wondering?

  • How nutritious is your food and how it is produced?
  • Should New Zealand embrace GM food production?
  • Are alternative farming methods able to feed the world and produce healthier food?

Food really does matter, especially when it comes to addressing the problems of an increasingly vulnerable global system. We invite you to hear speakers with different indigenous and international perspectives on solutions to the challenges we face.

Register now and help guide decisions that will set the course for our environment and the nature of food for coming generations. Food Matters.

For full details please see:


Speakers include:

* Prof. Don Huber

* Prof. G-E Seralini

* Dr Vandana Shiva

* Prof. Gu Xiulin

* Jerome Douzelet

*  Bob Mackley



Watch documentary free online..for a limited time

You can watch the documentary Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan Kettering on youtube and vimeo for limited time.

Please visit the film’s website to access the film:

See Microwaves, Science and Lies

Micowaves science and lies image

This film is available to view from this link

The free screening in Auckland has come and gone but if you are interested in electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and health, please sign up to the email lists at and to be notified of future events in NZ.

If you are in Australia, if you are not already a subscriber, please sign up to the email list for and you will be notified of events relating to natural health, including those relating to EMR and other environmental issues.


The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine frequently reviews books or DVDs relating to EMR.  Microwaves, Science and Lies is reviewed in issue 14;  this issue can be purchased through our online store at this link


An opportunity to see the excellent film Science, Microwaves and Lies is coming up at the end of October.

Full details are here:

Jim Humble MMS seminar in NZ

Editor’s introductory note: In the 1990s, while working in the Amazon rain forest in Guyana, Jim Humble discovered that a solution made from  water, sodium chlorite crystals (commonly used to kill pathogenic organisms in water) and a weak acid (usually citric acid crystals) could be an effective treatment for malaria. He called this solution MMS.

(You can see a video that relates to a test of MMS solution in the treatment of malaria at this link:

Jim Humble has since experimented with using MMS to treat other conditions. Jim Humble is not a doctor or health professional but an inventor.   He began the Genesis II Church in the USA so that he could train people in how to use MMS without interference from the US government. Jim Humble is coming to NZ to give a seminar in Novmeber and you can read the details below:



Upcoming MMS seminar: Ngatea, North Island, New Zealand: 7th to 9th of November 2014

Meet Jim and the team in New Zealand.

Meeting location: Ngatea Water Gardens Function Centre, Bratlie Place, Ngatea, (ph 07 8677275).  
(approx 1 hour from Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga).

Town: Ngatea
Country: New Zealand  

Date / time begins: Friday 7-November-2014 – 10am
Date / time ends: Sunday 9-November-2014 – 6pm

Costs: Donations of $500 USD.

Bookings and payments required by Oct 10th.

Payment options: PAYPAL and Paypal excepts credit cards and Western Union.
Contact for registration:  info [at symbol]
If you can’t pay through PAYPAL, for other payment options, please contact Roger at

info [at symbol]

Contact: Roger Blake 

Contact email:  info [at symbol]

Contact phone: 07 8677275

Costs include:  3 day seminar, including Lunch time meal, plus 2 coffee breaks. Reverend ID card, Health minister ID card, booklets, workbooks, all the video protocols to take home to review, authorization to open a Church chapter and more!!

You are required to arrange your own accommodation, see options with contact details below.

Teacher(s): Archbishop Jim Humble, Archbishop Mark Grenon, Bishop Jonathan Grenon and Bishop Joseph Grenon

Course description: All the Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols found in the Course workbook as well as the History of the Genesis II Church and what it has been doing worldwide the past 4 yrs.

Approximate time schedule:
(Arrive 9.30am if you want tea/coffee before starting).

Friday 10am to 1pm: Making up powdered Sodium Chlorite into liquid 22.4% Sodium Chlorite – 100% Citric acid into 50% Citric acid solution – The use of natural Acids – Activation of Sodium chlorite releasing Chlorine Dioxide gas – Gassing of CD (Chlorine Dioxide) into H20 overnight method for CDS – preparing capsules, use of DMSO and more.

1 to 2: Lunch will be served
2 to 4: 1 to 1 hands on preparation of the above.
4 to 4.30: afternoon tea is served.
4.30 to 6: Lots of Questions and Answers please
6pm finish.

(Arrive 9.30am if you want tea/coffee before starting).
Saturday 10am to 12pm
: Repeating the preparation of Sodium chlorite/CA/CD/CDS and addressing attendees.

12 to 1: What are Protocols and which is the correct Protocol for which Dis-ease – this is powerful stuff, it took Jim and others years to develop!
1 to 2: Lunch is served.                                                                                                                     
2 to 3.30:
3.30 to 4.30
: Protocols                                                                                                                
4.30 to 5
: Afternoon tea is served                                                                                                    
5 to 6
: Q and A time.                                                                                                                       
: finish

(Arrive 9.30am if you want tea/coffee before starting).
Sunday 10am to 6pm
Preparing for the Exam. Exam time.

After lunch: Recapping work + hour with Rev Mark. 
You are required to arrange your own accommodation.
Accommodation options:

Ngatea Accommodation: (book early, as there are limited options in town).

Camper vans are welcome to stay in the Ngatea Water Gardens car park. There are on site toilets available for this option, but no showers.

There are two options for Accommodation in Ngatea itself, both on the main street within a 5 minute walk from the venue.

Ngatea Hotel: Has 5 x single rooms @ $40, 1 x double room @ $60,
Ph 07 867 7090

Thames Valley Motel: Has 5 units, each with 1 x double bed & 2 x single beds. Each unit is $130 per night.
Ph 07 867 7189  (prices as at July 2014).

About 15 minutes out of town is Miranda Holiday Park (next to Miranda Hot Pools), which has a range of accommodation options.
Ph 07 867 3205

Alternatively Thames or Paeroa (both about 20 minutes away), have a wide range of accommodation available. More details here;



Summit on Future of Medicine

If you are interested in health you may enjoy Revive Primary Care’s Evolution of Medicine Summit.

There are two different options: general public and healthcare professional and the event features many exciting speakers including Sayer Ji, PhD and Dr Kelly Brogan, MD whose work has featured in The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.

The online presentations of the  summit were initally free;  however, the summit content is now available on a paid basis.

You can find out about the summit here


Alcohol and health: How to help with your vote

New Zealand has a serious alcohol problem, with abuse of this socially acceptable drug contributing to car crashes, domestic violence, and many cases of cancer.

Alcohol Action has been working to improve the regulation of alcohol in NZ to reduce alcohol-related accidents, violence and health problems.

Some political parties are more responsive to Alcohol Acti0n’s actions plans to reduce alcohol-related harm than are others.  You can read about different political parties’ policies regarding alcohol at this link:

Alcohol Action’s site is here:

Smart meter talk at WellFest September 20

This event has come and gone…if you would like information on the smart meter issue please see or or you can see an award-winning documentary at this link



This year’s WellFest Auckland is taking place on September 20-21 and will feature a talk on smart meters and health by Katherine Smith.

Full details are at this link: 

For more information about WellFest Auckland please see:

FREE EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Summit

You can get a free ticket to an international online EMF Summit by signing up to the email list at


This will mean that you get periodic access to videos that include presentations by world experts in different aspect of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation and health.

For example:

* Epidemiologist Samuel Milham, PhD, expert on “dirty electricity” (and author of the landmark book on this subject.)

* Neuroscientist Prof. Olle Johansson, expert on electrohypersensitivity.

* Dr. Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, paediatric neurologist and expert on autism and EMR/EMF.  (Issue 14 of this Journal features a review of Dr. Herbert’s excellent book on autism The Autism Revolution.)

You can see all the speaker profiles at this link:


NB:  The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine regularly features articles on EMR/EMF and health.  You can find issues with different topics by searching through the index at this link

To purchase copies, please visit our store at this link

Thank you.

Ebola: Possible treatment options

There have been no cases of Ebola in New Zealand.  However given that this viral infection has an incubation period of up to (approximately) three weeks, there is a possibility that people could arrive in NZ who have been exposed to the virus while they were overseas.

For this reason, we have chosen to put this post online so that information about possible treatment options is publicly available if cases of Ebola do occur in New Zealand.

The first possible treatment option is high dose vitamin C.  The rationale for this treatment is that Ebola is a haerrohagic infection and it appears plausible that this symptom is due to the viral infection rapidly depleting the body’s vitamin C reserves causing an acute scurvy.  You can read an article about vitamin C as a possible treatment for Ebola by Dr Levy who is the author of two excellent books on vitamin C.  Dr Levy visited NZ after Waikato farmer Mr Allan Smith recovered from double white out pneumonia caused by influenza) after being administered high dose intravenous vitamin C (hence the image used to highlight this post.)

Dr Levy’s article is at this link:

Another possible treatment option is blood products from people who have had an Ebola infection and recovered.   You can read about this option here:


NB: The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine frequently brings to the attention of our readers important information that they may not find through reading other publications.  If you are interested in health and would like to subscribe to the journal or purchase a sample issue, our online store is here and other purchasing options are here.

Help Northland remain GE Free!

Please help keep NZ’s locally grown food supply GE-Free by supporting GE Free NZ and the Whangarei and Far North District Council’s plans to keep genetically engineered crops out of their area.  Thank you. 

Support Precaution on GMO’s – Protect our existing valuable GE-Free status in Northland and Auckland region

Easy Submission Guide – August  September 2014

Please support Whangarei District Council…and Far North District Council’s excellent collaborative proposed GMO Plan changes

It is about making two separate submissions – which can be emailed or done online – to the Whangarei District Council, and to the Far North District Council, supporting their excellent proposed GMO District plan changes to protect our biosecurity, existing non GM farmers and environment


WDC and FNDC sensibly propose banning all genetically modified organism releases, and to also put in place strict controls should the Environmental Protection Agency (based in Wellington) decide to approve any outdoor GE experiments/ field trials in the Northland region
These are vital submissions if you want to continue to be able to have a GE Free environment up  here in the north.   It’s easy!  Have your say!




for more details :)
Please email your submissions – one each – direct to WDC and to FNDC before 4pm Tuesday 9 September
Email your submission to WDC at
Email your submission to FNDC at


You can do your submissions online-

Make an online submission to WDC via:

Before the deadline of 4pm, 9 September (for WDC submissions)


You can print off the FNDC submission form from the Far North District Council website and post/ fax it in to FNDC:

Before the deadline of 5.00 p.m, Tues 9th September (for FNDC submissions)

For more information about Genetic Engineering and the work of the Inter-Council Working Party 


Or contact GE Free Northland


Or go to-

For general guidelines see

A more detailed version of the GE FREE NORTHLAND action alert is up on the GE FREE NZ website:


Free screening of Beings of Frequency

This event has come and gone but screenings are regularly being help at St Heliers Community Centre;  please see the website for details:


This important documentary will screen for free on September 23 in Auckland.  For full details, please see this link:

NB:  If you are interested in EMR and health, The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine regularly features articles on various experts on EMR and EMF and health.

If you would like to subscribe to The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, you may do this at this link or other subscription options are at this link:

CDC whistleblower admits MMR-Autism fraud

At the link below you can see a presentation produced by the Autism Media Channel concerning how a government scientist who worked for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA has broken more than a decade of silence to confess how he and his colleagues produced a fraudulent paper on autism and the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.  The paper fraudulently stated that there was no link between the MMR vaccine and autism, when in fact that data that the researchers analysed showed that MMR vaccination at a young age was associated with increased risk of autism – particularly for African-American boys.

You can learn all about this story at the following link:

(If you have friends or family members who are pregnant or have babies or young chidlren please consider sharing this post with them as the NZ mainstream media, to the best of my knowledge, has not covered this important issue.

More information on the MMR vaccine may be found at this link: )

NB: The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine regularly features articles on aspects of vaccination (such as vaccine-injury) that do not receive comprehensive coverage in many other publications.

If you would like to subscribe to The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, you may do this at this link or other subscription options are at this link:

Subscriber update

We apologise to subscribers whose emails or phone calls have not been answered for the last few days.  Our subscription manager has a large back log of work and some enquiries have therefore not yet been answered.

If you have general questions about your subscription, please see this link as it may answer your question


If you have an urgent subscription enquiry that needs attention, please email through the Contact form at this link

Thank you.






The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine – Issue 14

Purchase the NZ Journal of Natural Medicine: Issue 14 (postage and handling included)
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Allison Roe strides out on the cover of the new issue (#14) of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.

Famous for winning the Boston and New York marathons, Allison Roe, MBE has been active for many years in health fundraising roles and raising awareness of breast health issues.

Her inaugural column focuses on mid-life fitness.

Continuing with the theme of taking responsibility for your own health, this issue features guest contributor Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist Angela Frieswyk who teaches readers how to make home remedies for common ailments.

Have you been tired or depressed? Or perhaps wondering why you (or a friend) have a poor memory?  This issue features an article by Dr. Kelly Brogan on vitamin B12 and the crucial contribution this vitamin makes to maintaining normal brain function.

Still on the subject of brain health, Sayer Ji, Ph.D discusses new research that shows that turmeric can help protect the brain from the toxic effects of fluoride – and why this often underrated culinary herb may offer hope to people with Alzheimers.

Do you (or a friend or relative) have a child who is autistic?  Issue 14 features a review of one of the best-ever books on treatment options for people with autism – Dr. Martha Herbert’s The Autism Revolution.

Also in this issue, electro-pollution expert Paul Waddell reviews the documentary “Science, Microwaves and Lies”. This documentary follows the struggle of a local community to oppose the erection of a cell phone tower in their neighbourhood and makes compelling viewing.

The new electronic “smart meters” being introduced to measure electricity use have been in the news recently. This issue features an update on the “smart meter” situation, including some of the commonly reported adverse effects from these microwave radiation-emitting devices, and the tricks used by electricity companies to make people think that they have to have a “smart meter”, when there is no law that requires consumers accept them.

The cover story, “Why Antibiotics Are Making Us All Sick” is an eye opener and goes a long way to explaining why our common health is rapidly deteriorating, as well as talking about what we can do to recover from the damage being done.  (For those struggling with winter “bugs” we profile Elderberry extract which offers a delicious way to fight bacteria and viruses.)

“Menopause Made Easy”by naturopath Tina Gale is one article not to be missed, as it explains what the problems are as well as the solutions for common mid-life symptoms.

The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is always 100 pages of essential – some would say “life saving – information that never goes out of date.

Always thorough, yet always accessible.

– Katherine Smith, Editor